Welttag des Buches am 23.4.



Gern hätte ich hier meine Ausstellung zum Thema gezeigt, aber sie ist verschoben.



Stattdessen hier eine jährliche Initiative zum Welttag des Buches, deren Thema schon lange vor Corona feststand und dann erschreckend schnell an Aktualität gewann.



As pretty much everyone is in lockdown at the moment and my wifi connection is intermittent I have gone ahead and uploaded everything ready for tomorrow just in case it dips out. Officially I will Tweet the ‘opening’ of the exhibition at 5pm BST.

UWE Library will also be sharing images of the postcards individually, twice a week on Twitter between 24th April and 30th June 2020.

For those of you who have posted us physical postcards we have been busy making the editioned keepsakes, and once the university opens again we can collect them all and have a physical show for a couple of weeks and then we’ll do the mail art exchange and post to you.

In the meantime, please visit our exhibition in a virtual Postcard Album at: http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/wbn2020/ and share it with your friends.

Stay safe and well all of you, and we wish you all a very Happy World Book Night !


Best wishes, Sarah and Linda



Hier kommt mein Beitrag: blank ’n‘ blue






Corona Papers


Betina Müller nutzt ihr stayahome/ die Unerreichbarkeit ihres Ateliers für eine kleine Zeichnungsserie: Beobachtungen aus dem Alltag im April 2020:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

ergänzt wird sie durch die dreilagige royal version:

Soweit ich weiss, leider noch nicht im Handel …



Künstlerbücher weltweit

Take a little glimpse at the huge amount of different attitudes in artistsbooks worldwide:




Book Arts Websites as found on http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/bookarts-websites/

              Below are listings and thumbnail descriptors of a choice of Book Arts websites, all well worth a visit.

www.al-mutanabbi-street.bleikloetzle.de Annette C. Disslin has put together a website for the project An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street.

www.ambeckdesign.blogspot.com/ artists’ books and works by Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck

www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/md2z/art/artistsbooks.html artists’ books at Carnegie Mellon, with useful references, links etc.

www.andreweason.com artists’ books by Andrew Eason with useful links to other book arts sites.

www.angelalorenzartistsbooks.com Angela Lorenz’s artists’ books

http://angiewaller.com Angie Waller is a New York based artist working in a variety of media including books, videos, web sites and installations.

www.antonwuerth.de artists’ books and works by Anton Würth

are you book enough? https://www.editions.studio/areyoubookenough/

www.arnolfini.org.uk/visit/bookshop Arnolfini gallery bookshop, Bristol. Hosts of the BABE biennial artist’s book fair. Arnolfini gallery bookshop, Bristol for regular artists’ books displays in the shop.


http://artistsbooksandmultiples.blogspot.com Dave Dyment, artist, writer and curator in Toronto has a website dedicated to artists’ books, multiples, recordings, postcards, magazines and ephemera.

www.artistsbooks.com Johan Deumen’s site for sales of artists’ books with useful links and reference books.

http://artistbooks.ning.com a new book arts forum site created by Robert Heather: Artist Books 3.0 for artists, curators, librarians, students and researchers interested in artists’ books and book arts.


www.artichokeyinkpress.com founded 1993 by Christopher Wilde. AYP publishes handmade single-object and collaborative limited edition books made with artists and writers, specialising in collage and multi-matrix printing.

www.artmetropole.com artists’ book and media centre in Toronto, site has a selection of multiples, book works, artists’ books & reference material, links.


www.artspacemackay.com.au/collection Australian centre with exhibitions, collection, reading room and forum.

www.artype.eu/books.html Artists’ books by Paul Heimbach, Germany.

http://artype.de/Sammlung/ Paul Heimbach’s online artists’ books collection.

http://assemblyoftext.com The Regional Assembly of Text – stationery & gift store, and artist’s book gallery with regular events in Main Street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

www.astringofwordsandpictures.blogspot.com Mary Pullen is a London-based freelance Book Artist, Illustrator and Educator. Exploring the themes of folklore, language and the everyday.

www.bibliotheca.org.au/bibliotheca/index.cfm Bibliotheca Librorum Apud Artificem collection: library for the artist’s book, Sydney, Australia

http://billburnsprojects.com Bill Burns projects, books, videos and archived works.

www.bl.uk/reshelp/findhelpsubject/artarchperf/art/finepressesartistsbooksandbookarts/finepresses.html Fine Presses, Artists’ Books, and Book Arts information at the British Library.

www.boabooks.com Boabooks is an independent publishing house based in Geneva, Switzerland.Founded in 2007, Boabooks focuses on publishing contemporary books and multiples. Involved in the development of artists’ books as a critical platform

www.boekiewoekie.com online catalogue of artists’ books from the artist run gallery and bookstore Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam.

www.bookart.co.uk Paul Johnson’s Book Art Project website promoting the book arts in education.

www.bookartbookblog.com The official blog of bookartbookshop, London.

www.bookart.info artists’ books by Gerhard Multerer.

www.bookartbookshop.com The brilliant, London-based bookartbookshop, the place to buy and sell artists’ books. bookartbookshop also presents discussions, meetings, exhibitions, a poster wall, lectures, book launches, and educational activities.

www.bookarts.ua.edu/podcast/podcasts.html Interviews with book artists and poets, of all stripes, hosted by Steve Miller, coordinator of the MFA in the Book Arts Program at The University of Alabama.


www.booklyn.org The fabulous Booklyn Artists’ Alliance, featuring artists’ books, exhibitions, artists and educational programmes.

www.bookpatrol.net/ A haven for book culture, with regular book news from: Stephen J. Gertz, Nancy Mattoon and Michael Lieberman

http://bookprintmfa.uarts.edu Book Arts and Printmaking at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia
www.bookworks.org.uk Book Works is an art commissioning organisation specialising in artists’ books, spoken word and printed matter.

www.brokenrules.co.uk artists’ books by Ken Campbell

www.buchkunst.info/ Reinhard Gruener’s excellent artists’ book collection site.

www.buechermarkt.net Walther Koenig book dealer and artist’s book publisher.

www.caferoyalbooks.com Café Royal Books is an independent publisher specialising in making very well finished, affordable, limited, collectible editions.

www.cca-kitakyushu.org Japanese international gallery / book art research publishing.

www.centerforbookarts.org New York Center for Book Arts, exhibitions and courses.

www.ciarahealy.com Exploring cultural, linguistic and creative links between the West Coast of Wales and the West Coast of Ireland through writing, book arts and curating.

www.circlepress.com formed in 1967, since that time, Circle Press has produced artist’s editions of both classic and contemporary texts, posters and books

www.clarellen.com digital photography, artists’ books and publications by Douglas Holleley, author of Digital Book Design and Publishing

www.codexfoundation.org Preserving and promoting the hand-made book as a work of art in the broadest possible context, USA, Australia and Mexico.

www.colinsackett.co.uk Colin Sackett. Book design and publishing, Writing and readings and Uniformbooks.

www.coracle.ie Coracle is a small publishing press directed by artist and writer Erica Van Horn and poet, artist and editor Simon Cutts.

www.dampflat.com artists’ books and editions by Jackie Batey. An excellent website with working visuals and information on each book.

http://daviddellafiora.blogspot.com David Dellafiora’s Field Study International

www.davidfaithfull.co.uk artists’ books, multiples and editions

www.davidshrigley.com David Shrigley, books, works and information.

http://daviet-thery.com Nathalie and Christophe Daviet-Théry, booksellers and publishers in Paris, est. 2001. Organisers of exhibitions of artists’ books, prints and ephemera in collaboration with international publishers.

www.diabooks.org DIA Center’s New York bookstore including artists’ books.
http://digital-libraries.saic.edu/cdm/about/collection/jfabc The Joan Flasch Artist’s Book at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

www.digital.library.upenn.edu/books/ online books.

http://eccentrichorace.blogspot.co.uk Artists’ books and print projects by Charlotte Hall

http://elisabethtonnard.com Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet working in artists’ books, photography and literature.

www.emilyartinian.com artists’ books, film and text-based art by Emily Artinian.

http://ensixteeneditions.blogspot.co.uk Mike Nicholson’s Ensixteen Editions imprint, est. 2000.

www.florenceloewy.com Paris bookshop and a gallery space, artists’ books, multiples, and other editioned works ranging from the 60s until now.

www.forumbookart.de Heinz Stefan Bartkowiak’s Forum Book Art organisation.

www.fpba.com Fine Press Book Association membership details and information, plus some useful links.


www.grahamegalleries.com. grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane. Fine art prints, artists books and other works on paper, and home of the Centre for the Artist’s Book.

www.gramatologia.blogspot.com Amir Brito Cadôr’s website, packed with information on inspirational artists’ books

www.guybegbie.com Begbiebook. Book Arts Workshops and Masterclasses taught by internationally established book artist and bookbinder Guy Begbie.

www.hardbody.org.uk Chemical Poetries and Code Books by Matt Lumby.

www.hazardpress.co.uk Hazard Press loves poetry and books, words and paper, pictures and badges.

http://heidineilson.com Heidi Neilson’s Book Projects, Works on Paper, Projects and Collaborations.

http://hgmakes.blogspot.co.uk Hazel Grainger’s visual record of the projects she is working on, the materials she experiments with, and reflections on the objects, books and things she makes.

http://hydrohotel.net/ Richard Price’s website with details of his books and other projects.

www.ibookbinding.com Stepan Chizhov’s iBookBinding online. Free book binding resources and tutorials.

www.indeprintent.com/index.htm artists’ books by Ral Veroni.

www.indulgencepress.com established by Wilber Schilling (aka Chip) in 1993, Indulgence Press publishes contemporary authors & poets, collaborating with artists in the production of books & broadsides.

www.janehyslop.com artists’ books and works by the Edinburgh based artist Jane Hyslop

http://jab-online.net Online site for the Journal of Artists’ Books, established by Brad Freeman.
www.journalofartistsbooks.org the Journal of Artists’ Books.

www.karenhanmer.com/ artists’ books and installation works by Karen Hanmer

www.katranpress.com Katran Press fine press editions in Massachusetts, USA

www.kbluem.com artists’ books and photography by Kristen Merola, USA

www.keithsmithbooks.com Keith Smith’s Books, all titles, information and mail order.

www.klausvonmirbach.blogspot.com A project over 2010 by Klaus von Mirbach to create an artist’s book a week, from materials in his studio, so 52 books in 2010.

www.kuenstlerbuecher.com/mostre.php Clemens Tobias Lange’s amazingly helpful calendar of international book events

www.kuenstlerbuecher.wordpress.com Constanze Kreisers blog, mostly in german on artistsbook and how to make them

www.laurarussell.net Laura Russell – photographer and book artist creating artists’ books that incorporate photographs of our urban landscape and tell a story about our culture and our communities.

http://idahocenterforthebook.org The Idaho Center for the Book, encouraging and promoting interest in reading, writing, making, disseminating, and collecting books.

www.liberatorium.com Artists’ books, reading room and writing by Radoslaw Nowakowski

www.liberatura.pl/liberatura.html Liberature: Literature In The Form Of The Book. A movement founded by Katarzyna Bazarnik and Zenon Fajfer, Poland.

http://libraryoftheprintedweb.tumblr.com Library of the Printed Web – self-published artists’ books, photo books, texts and other print works gathered around the casual concept of ‘search, compile and publish.’

www.library.yale.edu Yale University library’s collection of artists’ books.

www.libreriamarini.it Studio Bibliografico Marini, home of AILA, the Italian Association for the Promotion of Artists’ Books and Private Presses.

www.liverandlights.co.uk John Bently’s Liver and Lights Scriptorium.

www.lophora.de/e_buecher/index.html Book works by Nicole Morello.

www.lynashby.com Artists’ books by Lyn Ashby

www.marshfieldprintstudio.co.uk Marshfield Print Studio is a screenprinting workshop near Bath for Creatives. Established by Otto an international illustrator and book artist.

www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2011/fluxus_editions/ MOMA’s web overview of three collective anthologies: Fluxus 1, Fluxkit & Flux Year Box 2 A selection of the contents can also be viewed in the slideshows.

www.mnbookarts.org Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis with an amazing programme of events, workshops and exhibitions.

www.mpawson.demon.co.uk Mark Pawson’s website of multiples, disinfotainment, artists’ books and lots more.

www.nancycampbell.co.uk/blog Nancy Campbell, poetry, book arts, critical writing.

http://newlightspress.blogspot.com The NewLights Press is an independent publisher of experimental writing and artists’ books, concentrating on where the two can and do overlap.

www.nikodim-press.blogspot.com artists books by the Russian artist Dmitry Sayenko

www.normanmcbeath.com Norman McBeath. The website includes his publication Plan B – a collaboration with the Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon.

www.otterbookbinding.com Otter Bookbinding – established in 1993 by Marysa de Veer, traditional and contemporary bookbinding.

http://www.ottographic.co.uk Artists’ books, prints and illustration by Otto.

www.perroverlag.com Perro Verlag – Books by Artists publishes visual art chapbooks, manifestos, Documents of Psychic Amateurs, The Hell Passport Project, pamphlets from the lowercase reading room and more.

www.resurgo-berlin.com Anna Hellsgård and Christian ‘Meeloo’ Gfeller, in Berlin, creating and producing prints, artists’ books, sculptures, zines and more in their print studio Re:Surgo!

www.philobiblon.com site for artists’ books information, plus links to numerous book arts websites.

www.popularkinetics.com Carol Barton’s kinetic book works and pop-ups with useful information, links and mail order.

www.preachersbiscuitbooks.com artists’ publications from an independent publisher.

www.printedmatter.org the major artist’s bookstore in New York has an online selection of artists’ books, multiples and reference books.

www.professionelibro.it Italian Association organising courses and international workshops in basic and experimental bookbinding, book & paper repair, book arts, boxes, paper decoration.

http://blogs.pugetsound.edu/pugetsoundbookartists/ Puget Sound Book Artists

www.rcom.ru/artists-books/books.html artists’ books and related projects by the Russian artist Mikhail Karasik

www.redfoxpress.com Francis van Maele’s Redfoxpress, collaborative & individual artists’ books, mail art, prints. Information on his collection of books, artists worked with etc.

http://redtrilliumpress.com Steve Daiber’s artists’ books and collaborative projects in Cuba.

www.safetygearforsmallanimals.com artists’ books and project by Bill Burns, Canada.

www.sararanchouse.com Sara Ranchouse Publishing: artists’ books, printed multiples and art-at-large.

http://scottmccarneyvisualbooks.com artists’ books by Scott McCarney

www.sfcb.org the San Francisco Center for the Book, book arts information and exhibitions.

San Francisco CBA

www.sharonkivland.com Website of the artist, writer, and curator, with information about recent and ongoing projects.

http://silverwattlebookfoundry.blogspot.com.au Silverwattle bookfoundry is the realisation of a bookmaking practice initiated in 1991 by Tim Mosely.

www.societyofbookbinders.com for society information, events, membership and links.

www.specialcollections.mmu.ac.uk for the link to the artist’s book collection at Manchester Metropolitan University.

http://stephenfowler72.blogspot.com Stephen Fowler – Folk Artist of extraordinary complexity, drawing freely from the worlds of Outsider Art and Steam Punk to create his own diverse aesthetic.

www.stevemcpherson.co.uk Steve McPherson – installation, book works, collections, assemblage, collage, experimental drawing, photography, video and sound.

www.studio5bookbindingandarts.blogspot.co.uk Mark Cockram/ Studio Five, fine contemporary bookbinding and book arts.

www.tate.org.uk/research/library/artists-books Tate Archive and Library Special Collections.

http://www.temporaryservices.orgBased inChicago, Copenhagen, and Philadelphia. Temporary Services produces exhibitions, events, projects, and publications.

www.theartistsbook.org.za David Paton’s fantastic research resource for Artists’ Books in South Africa.

http://themostdifficultthingever.blogspot.com Kevin Boniface’s brilliant blog about life as a postman in Huddersfield, following on from his previous book-based publications Where Are You? and Lost in the Post.

www.twoampress.com The Two am press was founded by Lisa Wigham to make and disseminate artists’ multiples taking the form of books or editions of prints.

http://www.uwe.ac.uk/sca/research/cfpr/ the Centre for Fine Print Research, projects and information.

www.vam.ac.uk/collections/prints_books/features/artists_books/index.html The National Art Library at the V&A Museum’s online facility for artists’ books, with information on the collection, a visual database and interviews with book artists.

www.vampandtramp.com booksellers dealing in fine press, miniature and artists’ books.

www.vsw.org details of Visual Studies Workshop, USA programmes, residencies and artists’ books.

www.weproductions.com Weproductions artists’ books.

http://wemakezines.ning.com/ an online community for zine makers and readers

www.wienlukatsch.de Wien Lukatsch gallery and bookshop, Berlin

www.wordsofdeadpoets.co.ukThese words of dead poets fall like corpses from my mouth: the artwork of Christopher Robinson

www.wsworkshop.org Women’s Studio Workshop information and online artists’ books archive.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlPHbK0qz4E Ø – Cherry Blossom Island Tree. A collaborative book Sarah Bodman and Tom Sowden made (partly en route) for the Ø (island) exhibition at Doverodde Book-arts Festival, Denmark

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWkqobNgRRM Read And Destroy – The Books of Mark Pawson.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kks4yUT6ptM A short film about artists John Bently and Andi McGarry, with each artist talking about the other.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF5FDW3b9bM A lovely short film documenting a Roller Printing workshop with Stephen Fowler

www.zeth.no Artists’ Books and Performance by Kurt Johannessen, Norway

All of them are very interesting, but not always up to date. Enjoy!






artistssupportpledge covid 19



breaking waves II 20/30 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
breaking waves V 20/20 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
breaking waves IV 20/30 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
Constanze KreiserLandscape 2 20/20 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser 2020 multilayered woodprint
Landscape 3 20/30 cm linoprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser

Direct mail me (constanzekreiser@kunstdenken.de) to choose any of these original prints for 100€ (without postage overseas). Every 1000€ I will support another artist by buying one of his/her works for 200€.


breaking waves I 20/30 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
Landscape 4 20/30 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
Landscape 1 20/30 cm lino+monoprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
breaking waves III 20/40 cm woodprint 2020 Constanze Kreiser
Woodprint 2020 (30*42cm) Constanze Kreiser

See more of this compaign by Matthew Burrows under:


Today there were about 32.000 artworks listed for sale.

Help artists worldwide to exist during lockdown by buying any of these lovely pieces of art.