Communications worldwide

Thinking about the Migration of Code – the hidden basis behind scriptures

The viral spreading by consumers buying the devices and the applications of digital data built one open world of communication (in the double meaning of language and pictures, data, goods and persons).

One model of scripture is nowadays sufficient for writing all the languages of the world including their transmissal and archival. Spoken and written communication is send via the same machines (morsing, facs, computer, smartphone) based on a mixture of private and public network.

The contentfree media of binary code using this network has by now proven its usability for private and public affairs, health and wealth. It is comfortably accessable nearly everywhere., it gives information, allows control, provides leisure at your demand. Its fast transmission is impressive, although not totally reliable.

unreadable black archive 2018 c.kreiser

The assumed ubiquity of binary technical devices wordwide opens up national borders. Terms as ‘Heimat’ and ‘Fremde’ are being turned upside down. Maybe someday migration will be unnecessary, when the internet of things distributes what we need constantly, so we don’t have to move any more to gain things, work, experiences, impressions? Will this be a globally unified development ?

frozen creapy structures before melting

It is a specific turn of the media that we expect to find ourselves comfortable all over the world, seemingly  to belong everywhere. Copenhague with its 6 billion tourists a year tries a new concept of assimilation the tourists as short-stay inhabitants. A fake identity of being Danish is offered by spreading the tourists all over the town, not offering sights, but a certain Danish way of living. Amsterdam with 8 billion tourists tries to clear its center of touristic mono-structures, spanish isles and coastlines try to get rid of their party and drinking image (76 Billion tourists).

The open borders between countries are counterbalanced by newly grown hidden borders. Group-identities on any topic grow stronger. The access to the created digital data is extremely difficult. Most people are unable to read binary code. The storage of the no longer private contents gathered by private companies in binary code is materially secured in hidden places away from cities. We are not talking about these shifts of power and privilege.



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